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Let's Talk Period Pants!

You’ve been thinking about purchasing period pants, haven’t you?

We knew it. Mintel revealed that 33% of menstruating women are interested in purchasing period underwear but, that number rises to 48% when asking younger women aged 25-31. So, it’s very probable that you are looking to explore the liberating world of leak-proof garments!

Considering this rise in curiosity we thought we should do the research for you and answer some of your questions while also putting together some of our favourite brands. From the UK’s No.1 to exciting start-ups, anti-bloating pants and sexy options, we have put together a selection of period pants.

But, what about heavy night flow? What about swimming? Or working out?

We have all the answers and all the specialised brands you need.

Firstly, How Do They Work?

Period underwear is literally… Underwear but with extra layers of highly absorbent fabric to soak up blood. It’s like having sanitary pads within your underwear but with moisture-wicking layers to keep you dry as well. As for what they’re made out of, the ones we have picked each have their own materials from organic cotton to bamboo viscose or silky touch and mesh panels - so you need to explore your own style. Also, they can hold flow anywhere from 2 tampons to 4 tampons so it’s also about finding your right level.

How Long Can You Wear Them For?

It’s all about the absorbency of the pair you’ve chosen. However, for hygienic reasons most of them should be worn from 10 hours to 12. There are a few pairs in our list which have a 24 hour option.

How Do You Wash Them?

You rinse the pants in cold water and then put them in the washing machine with your other laundry. Most recommend washing them on cold or on a delicate cycle and only air drying them - no tumblr drying. Also it’s recommended that you don’t add fabric softener incase it affects the absorbency of the pants.

What Are The Sustainable Benefits?

Period pants can last up to 2 years - with the proper care - so that immediately makes them better than single use period products. It’s estimated that a woman disposes of approximately 150 kilograms of tampons, pads, and applicators in her lifetime - around 90% of which is plastic.

Here are our picks:

Let's start with the UK’S NO.1 in period, pregnancy and pee pants. Founded by Ruby Raut, an environmental scientist who grew up in Nepal, in 2017, WUKA stands for ‘Wake Up, Kick Ass.’ Their midi-briefs are made from sustainable Tencel and carbon neutral fabrics. They are silky smooth, range from sizes 2XS to 6XL and hold a heavy flow.

But, WUKA also have a range of period activewear such as shorts and leggings with built in period pants and swimwear - they even have period thongs if you're feeling adventurous!

WUKA is also running a campaign to end the government’s 20% VAT on period underwear.

Price: £24.99

Founded with 21 years experience in reusable products (formally Bloom and Nora) their bikini period pants are best for the end of your period - the light days. They are made from 100% organic cotton, hold the flow of 2 light pads and come in sizes 8 -20.

They also do reusable pads and period liners to get you started on the reusable road.

Price: £16.95

Founded by mother daughter duo Claire & Lucy Lettice, their nudie period pants are made from 100% organic cotton, have the hold of 4 tampons and come in sizes XS - XL.

Price: £24.95

Founded by a mother and 2 daughters, this UK brand is notorious for helping to end period poverty by donating a product to girls and women in the UK from low-income families for every product sold.

Their high-rise, red cherry period pants are perfect for lounging days - they come up very high which helps with bloating. They're sold in size S - 4XL and hold 4 - 5 tampons.

Price: £20.85

This Australian brand has seamless options for a more discreet look. Their recycled seamfree bikini comes in a range of bold colourful patterns and is made with 73% Recycled Nylon. They can hold 2 - 3 tampons and come in sizes XS - 2XL.

They also have a 24-hour wearing option and a detachable underwear option for those struggling to change regular underwear.

Finally they have paired up with PUMA to produce leggings for exercising with built in period pants.

Price: £21.50

6. Pantys

Founded Emily Ewell and Maria Eduarda Camarg in Brazil, these period pants are the ultimate sexy option. Their Tanga Romance period pant is a Brazilian shape with wonder lace, perfect for a lighter flow. They are carbon neutral and use biodegradable fabrics that decompose in 3 years.

Pantys and FARM have teamed up for the Fantastic Bikini Hotpant, a period swimwear which had the same Brazilian shape and striking patterns, sure to make your poolside leisure stylish and secure.

They also have activewear leggings and shorts with built in period pants.

Price: £28.00

This Australian brand is the best option for a tight budget as it’s the cheapest on our list. Their period bamboo brief is made with 95% Bamboo, they hold 3 - 4 tampons and come in sizes 8 - 24.

Price: £14.00

Founded by Paige Fashoni as FLUX Undies, they were the first period underwear brand to hit the UK. Their sleep shorts are made with 95% organic cotton and hold 5 tampons for 14 hours. They come in XS - 3XL.

Price: £33.00

Started by Manca and Sofia in Spain this start-Up is launching soon with high waisted leakproof period pants but adding an insertable heating and massaging pad.

Sign up to learn more about their launch.

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