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TikTok Round Up: Endometriosis Awareness Month

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Tiktok joins Endometriosis Awareness Month to show the reality of living with a chronic condition.

Endometriosis is when cells, similar to the lining of the womb, start to grow in other parts of the body for example the bladder or bowels. It affects 1 in 10 women and girls, estimated to be around 176 million worldwide.

On TikTok, accounts from around the world have been sharing their lived experience with bloating, surgery recovery, period pains, flare ups and prejudice. Also, medical professionals have been reacting and giving advice on the disease. Here are ten TikToks - in no particular order - which represent Endometriosis Awareness Month.

So, have a watch, check out their accounts and follow to keep up-to-date with their journeys.

1. @caseyaburgess on TikTok shows us the realities of Endometriosis bloating or “endo belly” - Endometriosis can cause bloating through inflammation in the abdomen, cysts formed by trapped blood, bacterial overgrowths and fibroids or other digestive issues.

2. @chronicallyalicia documents a painful flare up.

3. The journey of Laparoscopy Surgery recovery with @chlo_wilson_97 on TikTok. Laparoscopy surgery is also known a keyhole surgery as small incisions are made in the abdomen so the Endometriosis can be destroyed or cut out. This is a treatment for Endometriosis however, it is not a cure and the Endometriosis can grow back.

4. @thepelvicdancefloor takes us through the symptoms of Endometriosis with playful props/costumes to help ease the painful subject.

5. @bpddiaries shows us the burns caused by applying heat to ease muscle cramping of Endometriosis.

6. @kt_sharp rates pain medication and remedies she has tried over the years for Endometriosis.

7. @hannahcade_ captures the reality of periods with Endometriosis.

8. @dr_micheal_says explains why Endometriosis is so painful. The NHS has listed Endometriosis as 1 of the 20 most painful conditions.

9. @ella.collings raises awareness of prejudice and lack of knowledge about Endometriosis by going through things doctors have told her about her Endometriosis and symptoms over the years.

10. @endometiosisem shows us the reality of living with a chronic illness.

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