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Femtech Company, Artemis, is Combating Pain Prejudice with a Smart Bodysuit for Period Cramps

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We asked 15 women across the UK, diagnosed with Endometriosis about their experience seeking medical help for their pelvic and period pain

“I’ve been told many times that my pain was normal and that periods are painful. That I’m just too sensitive to the pain. I’ve been left with no help with having heavy bleeding and extreme pain. I’v been told it’s all in my head.”

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                            was founded by women's health journalist Caroline Louise Hamar. After attending The London School of Journalism, she found a passion for women's health and founded Persephone so that women's experiences could be understood.

Persephone is the goddess of spring but also the queen of hell, after speaking to many women about their health experience, Caroline felt Persephone embodied a symbol of female health - both the divine feminine and the unmentioned horrors. 

If you have a story you wish her to write about or one you would like to write yourself send her an email:

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